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june 2018

Saturday, 30 June 2018

A marvelous early morning walk in the city.

On the weekend it is so beautiful and the old town belongs to me, more or less.

I buy strawberries 🍓 at the markets and eat them for breakfast, wander around, thinking magically and looking at things.

A man is buying fish heads and plenty of them.

I sit on a bench outside the café on the corner of the Lijnmarkt and the Oudegracht. It has one missing window pane and if you sit right there, the air from inside the café comes straight into your nostrils — several centuries of smoking men, talking, laughing or sitting sadly alone.

In Mariaplaats an angry man in a wheelchair — such fury! I talk to him and he vents his anger but it doesn’t seem to help.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

great hairy willowherb! you are
not the first to make an.
appearance in damp ditches —
that would be your sister
who grows at the feet of walls.

As Derwent May reports in the London Times:

The willowherbs are starting to make their appearance. The first is a small, rather weedy one called broad-leaved willowherb, which grows at the foot of walls and invades the flower borders of gardens. Gardeners find it hard to get rid of, since roots break off and continue growing. However, it has pretty rosy-pink flowers, quite small, that droop at first and then grow upright. It would be hard to imagine from this plant what glorious successors are waiting to follow it in July. Rosebay willowherb will lead the way with its great pink spires along the field edges. Great hairy willowherb usually follows it in damp ditches a fortnight later. This is a tall plant beautifully sprinkled with pink and white blossom. This group of flowers gets its name from its leaves, which are long and narrow, like those of a willow tree. In wheat and barley fields, the red poppies are showing themselves as the crop grows steadily taller. Farmers try hard to suppress poppies, but sometimes they manage to break through in large numbers and a green field turns into a startling scarlet field. The petals fall easily, but the poppy goes on producing many more flowers.

i would have said, surely if there are multiple walls, there is also more than one foot, but what would i know? i am dutch. sort of. of heb ik dat nou verkeerd?

may 2018

april 2018

Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Oh this is fun! I’d forgotten these old videos I made in Wagga many years ago were on YouTube: the bus (1999) lo-lux landscapes 3 (2001) and letter to will johnson (2002).

Sunday, 22 April 2018

On the subject of being with someone who is dying, this is a useful thought (in Dutch) from Marli Huijer :

Het bij-het-sterven-aanwezig-zijn beschouw ik als een gift. De stervende schenkt jou een van de meest indringende belevenissen die het leven te bieden heeft: je mag delen in de ervaring dat de stervende eerst nog bij je is en dan niet meer.

De gedachte dat aanwezig-zijn-bij-het-sterven een gift is komt van Maurice Blanchot. Het staat in De onuitsprekelijke gemeenschap. Ik las het boekje kort nadat ik aan een langdurig, niet altijd plezierig sterfbed had gezeten. Blanchots soms onbegrijpelijke woorden boden troost; ze leerden me dat ik iets had meegemaakt wat het eigen bestaan te boven ging. De ander hoefde niet dankbaar te zijn dat ik aan haar sterfbed had gezeten; zij had mij een onuitsprekelijke ervaring gegeven.

Monday, 16 April 2018

Shall we utter some words about the impossible? What is there to say? How to begin?

How can anything be said about the impossible without violating its very nature, perhaps even its conditions of im/possibility? Isn’t any utterance about the impossible always already a performative breach of that which one means to address? Have we not already said too much simply in pronouncing its name?

Perhaps we should let the impossible speak for itself.

This is part plagiarism part homage part playfulness. It’s from the opening paragraph of Karen Barad’s What is the measure of nothingness’ which she wrote for Documenta 13 - but I replaced every instance of nothing/ness’ with the impossible’, and where she wrote possibility’, I added im/’.

The whole text is here.

The impossible is also a meatless burger that bleeds. Now at White Castle.

Friday, 13 April 2018

uh oh friday the thirteenth. hope we don’t strike an iceberg!

…If you ask me why, you will always get an answer…”

Fifty years ago M.C.Escher gave a rare interview to Bibeb for Vrij Nederland (in Dutch). links : VN | reconstructed

Escher in his garden in Baarn by Eddy de Jongh (1968).

Peter Sloterdijk:

Maybe we are experiencing the last days of the old reality - or the first days of a new one. One of impossibilities becoming real. That humans could permanently change the world seemed impossible, but it happened during the anthropocene, just like the idea that one big world culture seems impossible but we admit admit that we are gradually moving towards it. Maybe we have to become like people from the middle ages again and believe in miracles. (…) Maybe we are at the beginning of the end, the time of cognitive dissonance where the reality of the human and that of the world no longer correspond. (my translation)

Article from De Morgen (in Dutch) : http://johannesk.blot.im/the_archive/sloterdijk

Thursday, 12 April 2018


i was never much of a fan of that social media platform that made mark zuckerberg one of the richest people in the world, not because i have anything against rich people per sé, it’s just that they have too much money and too many other people have so little.

i’ve always thought that if i could have the undivided attention of a very rich person for two hours i would be able to convince them to give me all their money. it would be very liberating for them.

anyway the point is that now i feel less than ever like putting anything on that social media platform that made mark zuckerberg one of the richest people in the world - or looking at it. but i suppose most people will just continue doing what they always did?

i won’t #deletefacebook, i just won’t give it any room to breathe… :) i’ll run it only on one machine that i rarely use and look at it once in a while to check messages. but if you want to contact me i recommend twitter or email - details here.

Barbara Ehrenreich: Why i’m giving up on preventative care.

Monday, April 9, 2018

free utilities for mac

copycontents is a free utility that enables you to copy the content of a file to the clipboard without opening it by right-clicking (or control clicking) on it and selecting copy contents’.


the same people also make a free utility called toggledock. it enables you toggle the visibility of specific applications in the dock or the app switcher.

apple please note.

Borges by Arbus

Diane Arbus - Jorge Luis Borges in Central Park, N.Y.C. 1969

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