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Monday, January 22, 2018


Do you have any secret techniques for overcoming self-doubt?
-As you know, there isn’t really any solution to self-doubt. In the end, you just have to write and doubt simultaneously.

Zadie Smith


I love the As you know…”
Like, you already knew this but you wish it was otherwise, and that there was a secret technique for overcoming it that others have and that you didn’t know about.

In the end you just have to do everything - whatever it is you do - and doubt simultaneously…


I was asked to write something for a Dutch website where preachers who can’t think of a topic for their Sunday sermon can go for inspiration (Wow! Yes. I know…). I said, you won’t like what I write’ but that didn’t put them off, so I wrote something. In the end I rather liked what I wrote, but they didn’t … so I’ll put it up here.

The question I was asked to respond to (in Dutch - it was hard!) was Wat zie je als je de ander werkelijk aankijkt.”


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