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my work is talking with people — people who want to find a different way to be, a different way of being in the world — and in the process, we begin to make a different world.

some of those people are already finding their own way and for them the benefit of the conversations is more affirming: what they need is a conversation with someone who has been thinking along similar lines, perhaps for a bit longer who might have some additional insights to offer.

other people i work with are lost, some are broken, others are in despair. the conversations with them are more like therapy - but not applying and enforcing a specific rigid method, or wilfully digging through the past. here the work is more like thinking collectively and collaboratively working through the entanglements, and emotions and cognitive turmoil and envisaging a new way of being and a different world.

the conversations take place in groups, or one to one — or both.

no one is subjected to anything. everyone retains their autonomy and their agency - and some gain more.

all conversations are free of dogma, superstition, creed and religion.

anyone is free to make a donation at any time but there are no fees or costs for the conversations.

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