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 Marcel Broodthaers — Soleil Politique (1972)

love is praxis

yes. yes, of course.
and in one way you have always known this, felt it, believed it.

but what kind of love? love is a practice, a praxis — by which i mean what you do is informed by thinking/feeling and yes : believing in something1 and regular in depth conversations with others about what you are doing, how you respond to the world. to love in this sense requires a different way of being in the world.

is it a praxis in relation to an other?
yes yes of course but also in relation to your so-called self. as the old cliché goes, if you don’t love yourself how can you love an other? but crucially this self love is not a narcissistic relation because it is free of ego, and the relation to the other is not exclusive, not to the exclusion of others as in the marriage vows, but inclusive — why? because a different way of being in the world affords a different response to the other, it is an openness, it is the capacity to allow the other to be as other, to be what it is, without the desire to make the other subject. and this relation, inevitably, is not to one but many — and it manifests in a myriad of different ways.

this is meant to be read in a loop, so now (or after reading the footnote) go back to the beginning and repeat until you get it… 

  1. and what do you believe in? in australia, in front of the readiness to commence supervision training committee in the largest oncological hospital in the southern hemisphere last week, they asked me this question and i say, have you got two hours? because that’s how long it will take to have this conversation. i don’t have an elevator pitch. because how i articulate what i believe (in), how i find the words to explain it, if it stands any chance of being meaningful to you, depends on an extended interaction, or rather, an intra-action, a connection that we make, that we collaboratively create. and it is a particular kind of connection, that we both experience… and actually even two hours might not be enough… i might take four or six or more, over the course of weeks or months. the committee didn’t like it. they approved my application to commence supervision but they recommended that i find a succinct way of explaining what i believe. i could have said : love’, yes. yes of course.

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